Why I (re)started Little Big Details

The second time that I submitted a Detail to the littlebigdetails website and didn’t hear back, I realized that it had died. I don’t know why.

I immediately wondered if I could reach the previous curator(s) and take over the job, but unfortunately I never heard back.

Little Big Details was too good to die. Given that I’m the type to constantly notice the very details that grew its following to 250,000+ subscribers, I took it upon myself to rebuild from the ground up, starting with @detailsRising on Twitter.

Now I’m sending this weekly newsletter for those who’d like to get a few cool details in their inbox once a week.

All I can promise is that this newsletter will be more than just details—it will be a very real, at times raw, unpredictable journey through my own relationship with product design and startups. Lots of praising amazing design, and lots of ranting on shitty design.

I hope you’ll discover awesome products & companies—but I also hope to get to know you through email.

Please say hello if you’d like, and feel free to share anything that graces your eyes.

Speak soon,