A small yet powerful CX detail every SaaS company should incorporate

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If you’re in the US, I hope you had a safe and happy fourth. (Did you or people in your neighborhood set off larger-than-normal fireworks? Seems to have been a trend this year.)

We went over to a couple friend’s house, made oven-dogs, and played Jackbox.tv which is actually pretty fun—and a surprisingly well thought-out user experience overall. 👌

That’s not the detail I want to highlight this week, though. Let’s get into that!

A small CX detail that makes a huge difference for your users

This morning, I was busy figuring out how to route support emails into our Intercom Inbox. A support specialist named Kinda—how cool a name is that?—shared one of Intercom’s awesome help articles with me, but it was missing a tiny detail 👌 that added a surprising amount of friction to my already-taxing mental journey.

Here’s the article I was following:

Do you see the missing detail?

If not, put yourself in the shoes of the reader, and try to follow its instructions. As you skim the article, your eyes might naturally be drawn to the bolded Settings > Outbound > Email forwarding.

And there it is. It’s missing a link to the settings / outbound / email forwarding section of the app. This is an easy, 20-second investment from a support documentation writer, that saves every single user 4 additional steps:

  1. (Remembering how to access my Settings) then clicking on my profile image

  2. Clicking Settings

  3. Clicking the Outbound dropdown

  4. Clicking email forwarding

To ease your users’ pain a little during a complex setup process, make sure your support docs link directly to specific settings pages / sections of your app with target=_blank (open in new tab).

Most of Intercom’s help center docs do this beautifully:

It’s a simple and powerful way to keep your users in flow and prevent additional frustration from building up!

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